OnePlus Camera v2.8.29 APK [Now}

OnePlus Camera
As you can see in the screenshots above, the mode-switching menu did change.
News surrounding OnePlus is starting to heat up, since the mostly fan-favorite Chinese manufacturer has decided to repeat its two flagship strategy from last year. Opinions on that aside, we saw an update to the Camera app a few days ago, bringing the version to 2.4.17. Not a huge update, but it has a slight UI change.
Here’s the changelog:
New mode-switching screen (swipe up to access)
Double tap the power button to instantly take a photo
Target and support Android Oreo
• Also added HDR+ support for the front camera
• Minimal UI
What’s New:
OnePlus camera from OOS open beta 2 based on pie.
OnePlus Camera

OnePlus Camera v2.8.29 APK / Mirror -[arm64]

OnePlus Camera v2.8.8 APK / Mirror
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